vinyl design for Herr D.K.

By now several years mark the journey of Herr D.K. and me working together. So for the release of his first album, he got into contact with me and I was glad getting on that journey with him of working out the general Art Direction, three digital single covers as well as the final vinyl design.

digital single covers

Before the release of the LP, Herr D.K. wanted to release three singles. Every single cover tells the story of each song. For example, the first single 'Eingekreist' is about inevitable events or changes in life and the act of knowing it, but still struggling to accept it. That‘s how I came up with the picture of the balloon and the needle. Most probably it‘s gonna pop - but is it really?

We can just wait, watching it a bit uncomfortably.

digital EP artworks

Before the release of his first album, I also illustrated both covers of his first single as well as his first EP. As the first single was also a part of the first EP, both cover artworks featured the same scenery, but in different light situations and perspectives. So the first one would only give you a glimpse of the whole picture, as well as the single itself did.


Artwork & Graphic Design / Katerina Schoenfeld
Cover Photography / Pauline Hahn

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