A winter-wonderland

Before the holiday season 2022, I worked on this wonderful project with an amazing team at The Marmalade. In close communication with Montblanc we developed concept & storyboards for the whole campaign - which consisted of four Key Visuals providing different worlds for the product films to happen in.

The film you see above is one of three 15" stand-alone films used for social media marketing. I took care of additionally illustrating and animating most of the world the Montblanc Watch happens in. See a behind the scenes of my favourite scene - my version of how I imagined it looked like if Verner Panton built an ice tunnel.

The mentioned three films were edited together for an in-store 45"-version showing all around the world. See below how it looked in action at the Montblanc Flagship store in Hamburg, Germany.

Full 45" in-store loop

On display in Hamburg


Client / Montblanc
Production Company / The Marmalade
Producing / Max Boehlen
Creative Direction / Daniel Göttling
Art Direction / Katerina Schönfeld
Visual Development / Markus Wagner
Storyboard Illustration / Jörn Peper
Illustration / Adrian Fernandez
Animation & additional Illustration / Markus Wagner, Roald Seeliger, Katerina Schönfeld
Additional character animation / Philipp Kehl, Martin Lorenz
3D / Hannes Rumig, Ursula Prieto, Dion Borutzky
Compositing / Babette Kahn
Sounddesign / Kay Petersen

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