Palm springs & Saint Tropez

Oliver Voss & streetsmart media approached me with a fun project for Schweppes Germany. They needed three print motives set in a world somewhere between Palm Springs and Saint Tropez, reminiscing a retro oil paint look. It was very important everything would be produced in a way we could efficiently use it for animation afterwards.

So together we developed a concept: Additional elements would help us to create a smooth horizontal scrool - using the animated print motives as different sceneries of the world we created here.

illustration process

The next step was to create the illustrations. I loved to really get into how to create this new oil painting look which I never did before. The devil is always in the details, so in the end I spent hours retouching the borders of each object to give it a more coherent and painted look. All while keeping in mind how much space around the actual print motives would be needed to reuse them in animation - and which parts needed to stay movable.

final print motifs


Client / Schweppes Germany
Agency / Oliver Voss
Production / Streetsmart media
Illustration & Animation / Katerina Schoenfeld
Sounddesign & composition / Hush Hush
3D / Andreas Boeinghoff

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