saving the night sky

Stellantis is a passion project, an expression of my love to a clear and dark starry night sky. Our night skies get brighter and brighter, in most cities we don’t even need two hands to count the stars. The Dark Sky Organization has created lots of material to educate on the loss of our natural heritage, the night sky, and on how to act. What it was missing so people took action, was something that actually created awareness of the topic itself; to remind of that feeling of awe we all share when we first looked into a sky full of stars; how good it was for us to feel small and at the same time, part of a bigger picture.
To remember a desire that runs deeper than scientific facts.

So I wrote a story of a dystopian future in which the night sky has come to be a mysterious tale of questionable existence - like Atlantis. With the helpful advice of Mathijs Luijten, who was my mentor during the Mograph Mentor studying program in which context I created this animation film, I took the film from storyboards, style frames and an animatic to its finished animation. Thanks to everyone who supported and helped me!

To see what you can do to save our night skies, please visit

happy stargazing!


Direction / Katerina Schoenfeld
Illustration & Animation / Katerina Schoenfeld
Music & Sounddesign / Torben Brüggemann
Voice Artist / Ebba Ekholm

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